Documentation for teUtils Version 0.99

This page describes the teUtils package.


To install teUtils use

pip install teUtils

For additional information go to

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teUtils is a utilties package for Telluirum that provides a number of useful function. These are grouped into:

  • Plotting

  • Random Network Construction

  • Parameter Scanning

  • Pretty Tabular Output

  • Converting SBML in to Readable Differential Equations

  • File Utilties


import teUtils as tu
# Build a random network using mass-action kintics with upto 10 species and 20 reactions
antimonyModel = tu.buildNetworks.getRandomNetwork(10, 20)

# Plot the species cocnentrations as a histogram for the roadrunne rmodel r

# Plot a heatmap of the flux control coefficients
tu.plotting.plotFluxControlHeatMap (r)

# Plot a grid of phase portraits of all species in the model r
tu.plotting.plotFluxControlHeatMap (r)

# Generate the ODES for a SBML model stored in a file
tu.odePrint.getODEsFromSBMLFile ('mymodel.xml')